Episode 2


Broadcasting LIVE for the first time in history on Static brown Show, Pathlight School is holding the annual sports day on the 17 April 2014 at Yio Chu Kang Stadium, we would like to share the ‘live’ footages.

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Tuesday winners of Static brown Show Apple iPad Air daily giveaway contest

On Tuesday (1 April 2014), Josiah Kiang and Justin Tan Wen Cong wants to ask you each one question to give them a choice of answers, so that you can win the Apple iPad Air. Go get it from the Apple stores near you.

Q1: How was the first Noose episode in the seventh season you’ve watched on MediaCorp Channel 5?

a) Great!
b) Hilarious!
c) Excellent!
d) Any clues?

The answer is A.

Congratulations to a winner of the Tuesday prizes is Yeegh Yee Guang Hui, who answered correctly! The Noose already had a season premire on Channel 5, and therefore will be on air every Tuesday at 8:30pm for the seventh season.

We will be contacting you winners soon. Notifications will be mentioned in the next episode of Static brown Show. Thank you.

Happy April Fools’ Day

Everyone from Static brown Show wishes you happy April fools’ day! The show will still be coming! More episodes coming to you ahead! From April, to be exact. Meanwhile, do listen to mrbrownshow.com, seewhatshow.com, wtfshow.comfacebook.com/mrbrownshowFanClub, facebook.com/groups/mrbrownshow and facebook.com/justin.tanwencong.56. We will be playing you more musics ahead on the mrbrown show, so do check back for more.

What makes it to enter a contest?

A contest – is to win…. an Apple iPad Air. The products you have to collect them from your nearest Apple stores as Nubox.

Tell Justin and Josiah about your thoughts at facebook.com/groups/mrbrownshow. Here’s the requirements:

  1. Read Justin Tan’s questions
  2. Select the correct answer
  3. Comment below

If your answer is correct, the winners will be notified by your hosts Justin Tan and Josiah Kiang on the next Static brown Show episode. Good luck! Deadlines will be on 2 May 2014. Also, don’t forget to like us at facebook.com/StaticbrownShow. Or follow one of the host Justin Tan Wen Cong on Twitter.